Exclusive: Cheney’s admissions to the CIA leak prosecutor and FBI

Vice President Dick Cheney, according to a still-highly confidential FBI report, admitted to federal investigators that he rewrote talking points for the press in July 2003 that made it much more likely that the role of then-covert CIA-officer Valerie Plame in sending her husband on a CIA-sponsored mission to Africa would come to light.

Cheney conceded during his interview with federal investigators that in drawing attention to Plame’s role in arranging her husband’s Africa trip reporters might also unmask her role as CIA officer.

Cheney denied to the investigators, however, that he had done anything on purpose that would lead to the outing of Plame as a covert CIA operative. But the investigators came away from their interview with Cheney believing that he had not given them a plausible explanation as to how he could focus attention on Plame’s role in arranging her husband’s trip without her CIA status also possibly publicly exposed. At the time, Plame was a covert CIA officer involved in preventing Iran from obtaining weapons of mass destruction, and Cheney’s office played a central role in exposing her and nullifying much of her work.

Cheney revised the talking points on July 8, 2003– the very same day that his then-chief of staff, I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby, met with New York Times reporter Judith Miller and told Miller that Plame was a CIA officer and that Plame had also played a central role in sending her husband on his CIA sponsored trip to the African nation of Niger.

Both Cheney and Libby have acknowledged that Cheney directed him to meet with Miller, but claimed that the purpose of that meeting was to leak other sensitive intelligence to discredit allegations made by Plame’s husband, former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV, that the Bush administration misrepresented intelligence information to go to war with Iraq, rather than to leak Plame’s identity.

That Cheney, by his own admission, had revised the talking points in an effort to have the reporters examine who sent Wilson on the very same day that his chief of staff was disclosing to Miller Plame’s identity as a CIA officer may be the most compelling evidence to date that Cheney himself might have directed Libby to disclose Plame’s identity to Miller and other reporters.

This new information adds to a growing body of evidence that Cheney may have directed Libby to disclose Plame’s identity to reporters and that Libby acted to protect Cheney by lying to federal investigators and a federal grand jury about the matter.

Still, for those in search of the proverbial “smoking gun”, the question as to whether Cheney directed Libby to leak Plaime’s identity to the media at Cheney’s direction or Libby did so on his own by acting over zealously in carrying out a broader mandate from Cheney to discredit Wilson and his allegations about manipulation of intelligence information, will almost certainly remain an unresolved one.

Libby was convicted on March 6, 2007 of four felony counts of lying to federal investigators, perjury, and obstruction of justice, in attempting to conceal from authorities his own role, and that of other Bush administration officials, in leaking information to the media about Plame.

One of the jurors in the case, Dennis Collins, told the press shortly after the verdict that he and many other jurors believed that Libby was serving as a “fall guy” for Cheney, and had lied to conceal the role of his boss in directing information about Plame to be leaked to the press.

The special prosecutor in the CIA leak case, Patrick Fitzgerald, said in both opening and closing arguments that because Libby did not testify truthfully during the course of his investigation, federal authorities were stymied from determining what role Vice President Cheney possibly played in directing the leaking of information regarding Plame that led to the end of her career as a covert CIA officer, as well as jeopardizing other sensitive intelligence information.

Speaking of the consequences of Libby’s deceit to the FBI and a federal grand jury, Fitzgerald, who is also the U.S. attorney for Chicago, said in his Feb. 20, 2007 closing argument: “There is talk about a cloud over the Vice President. There is a cloud over the White House as to what happened. Do you think the FBI, the Grand Jury, the American people are entitled to a straight answer?”

The implication from that and other comments made by Fitzgerald while trying the case was that Libby had lied and placed himself in criminal jeopardy to protect Cheney and to perhaps conceal the fact that Cheney had directed him to leak information to the media about Plame.

Although it has been widely reported in the media that Cheney and Libby have denied that Cheney directed Libby ever to speak to reporters about Plame, those reports have been erroneous. As Washington Post.com columnist Dan Froomkin wrote in this largely overlooked column, Libby instead had told both the FBI and a federal grand jury that he was uncertain as to whether or not Cheney had directed him to talk to reporters about Plame.

An FBI agent testified at Libby’s trial, as Froomkin pointed out, that Libby had told the FBI that during a July 12, 2003 conversation that Libby had with Cheney, the two men possibly discussed “whether to report to the press that Wilson’s wife worked for the CIA.”

That conversation occurred exactly four days after Cheney ordered the revision of the talking points and Libby had his conversation with Judith Miller about Plame.

And immediately after that July 12, 2003 conversation between Cheney and Libby, Libby spoke by phone with Matthew Cooper, then a correspondent for Time magazine, and confirmed for Cooper that Plame worked for the CIA and that she had played a role in sending her husband to Niger.

A contemporaneous FBI report recounting the agents’ interview with Libby also asserts that Libby had refused to categorically deny to them that Cheney had directed him to leak information to the press about Plame. A heavily redacted copy of Libby’s interviews with FBI agents was turned over this summer to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

The committee’s chairman, Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Ca.) wrote Attorney General Michael Mukasey on June 3, 2008, reiterating an earlier request that Mukasey turn over to the committee the FBI report of its interview of Vice President Cheney in regards to the Plame matter:

“In his interview with the FBI, Mr. Libby states that it was `possible’ that Vice President Cheney instructed [Libby] to disseminate information about Ambassador Wilson’s wife to the press. This is a significant revelation and, if true, a serious matter. It cannot be responsibly investigated without access to the Vice President’s interview.”

Mukasey declined to release the Cheney report to Waxman in particular, and Congress in general.

But a person with access to notes of Cheney’s interview with federal investigators described to me what Cheney said during those interviews. Later the same person read to me verbatim portions of the interview notes directly relevant to this story.


At the time of the leak of Plame’s identity, Cheney, Libby and other Bush administration officials were attempting to discredit Wilson because of the charges that he was making that the White House had manipulated intelligence information to take the nation to war with Iraq. Wilson, a retired career diplomat and former ambassador, had traveled to Niger in February 2002 on a CIA- sponsored mission to investigate allegations that Saddam Hussein’s regime had attempted to procure uranium from the African nation. Wilson reported back to the CIA that the allegations were most certainly untrue.

Despite numerous warnings from the CIA and elsewhere in government that the Niger allegations were most likely false or even contrived, President Bush cited them in his 2003 State of the Union address as a rationale to go to war with Iraq.

On July 6, 2003, Wilson published an op-ed in The New York Times charging that the Bush administration had “twisted” intelligence when it cited the alleged Niger-Iraq connection in the president’s State of Union earlier that year. At the time, U.N. weapons inspectors in Iraq could not find out weapons of mass destruction. Wilson’s allegations were among the first from an authoritative source that the administration might have misled the nation to go to war.

A central part of the effort to counter Wilson’s allegations entailed discrediting him by suggesting that his slection for the trip had been a case of nepotism. Cheney, Libby, then-White House political adviser Karl Rove, and other White House officials told reporters that Wilson’s wife, who worked at the CIA, had been primarily responsible for selecting him to go to Niger.

The day after Wilson’s op-ed, on July 7, 2003, Cheney personally dictated talking points for then-presidential secretary Ari Fleischer and other White House officials to use to counter Wilson’s charges and discredit him.

A central purpose for writing the talking points was to demonstrate that the Vice President’s office had played little if any role in Wilson being sent to Niger and that Cheney was not told of Wilson’s mission prior to the war with Iraq.

In talking points Cheney dictated on July 7, Cheney wrote as his first one: “The Vice President’s office did not request the mission to Niger.” The three other talking points asserted that the “Vice President’s office was not informed of Joe Wilson’s mission”; that Cheney’s office was not briefed about the trip until long after it occurred, and that Cheney and his aides only learned about the trip when they received press inquiries about it a full year later.


About a month prior to Wilson having written his own op-ed for the Times, he had told his story of his mission to Niger to New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, who wrote a detailed account of Wilson’s trip and his allegations.

In reaction to that column, Cheney personally made inquiries about the matter to both then-CIA director George Tenet and then-CIA deputy director John McLaughlin, apparently on either June 11 or June 12, 2003, according to evidence made public at Libby’s federal criminal trial. Both Tenet and McLaughlin told Cheney of Plame’s role (in reality, a tenuous one) to the selection of her husband for the Niger mission.

On June 12, Cheney and Libby spoke, and Cheney told Libby about Plame’s supposed role.

In notes that Libby took of the conversation, Libby wrote that Cheney said he been told by the CIA officials that Wilson’s mission to Niger “took place at our behest”-in reference to the CIA. More specifically, the notes indicted the mission was undertaken at the request of the CIA’s covert Counterproliferation Division. The notes said that Cheney told Libby that he had been informed that Wilson’s “wife works in that division.”

Cheney then instructed Libby, according to the notes, to ask the CIA to set the record straight by saying that the Vice President’s office “didn’t known about [the] mission” and “didn’t get the report back”, in reference to the fact that Cheney’s office never received a copy of a CIA debriefing report of Wilson after he returned from Niger.

Surprisingly, despite the prominence of Kristof in particular, and the Times in general, the column was largely ignored– at least for a while.

But Wilson’s own July 6, 2003 Times op-ed column by rekindled the issue. Stoking the flames, Wilson then also appeared on Meet the Press that same morning to discuss his column.

Wilson’s column, prosecutor Fitzgerald asserted at Libby’s trial, ignited a “firestorm.”

Wilson’s charges, Fitzgerald went on to say, “came in the fourth month of the war in Iraq, the fourth month when weapons of mass destruction were not found. Coming as they did, they ignited a media firestorm… the White House was stunned.”

In a handwritten notation at the bottom of the July 6 op-ed, Cheney wrote out several rhetorical questions regarding Wilson and Plame: “Have they [the CIA] done this before? Send an Amb. to answer a question? Do we ordinarily send people out pro-bono to work for us? Or did his wife send him on a junket?”

The next day, July 7, Cheney crafted talking points to be distributed to the media which emphasized that his office had not requested that Wilson go to Niger, that the CIA had not told him about Wilson’s findings, and that he personally only learned of the matter long after the U.S. invaded Iraq– from press reports.

The four talking points dictated by Cheney to his press aide, Catharine Martin, stated:

*The Vice President’s office did not request the mission to Niger.
* The Vice President’s office was not informed of Joe Wilson’s mission.
*The Vice President’s office did not receive a briefing about Mr. Wilson’s mission after he returned.
*The Vice President’s office was not aware of Mr. Wilson’s mission until recent press reports accounted for it.

Martin, in turn, sent those talking points on to, among others, Ari Fleischer, the-then White House press secretary, who utilized them in his briefing or “gaggle” for the press that morning.

Fleischer told reporters that same day, according to a transcript of the briefing: “The Vice President’s office did not request the mission to Niger. The Vice president’s office was not informed of his mission and he was not aware of Mr. Wilson’s mission until recent press accounts… accounted for it. So this was something that the CIA undertook… They sent him on their own volition.”

Also hat same day, Fleischer, who was planning to leave his position as White House press secretary, had lunch with Libby, during which, according to Fleisher’s testimony at Libby’s trial, Libby spoke extensively about the role of Plame in sending her husband on the Niger mission.

At the lunch, Fleischer would testify, Libby told him: “Ambassador Wilson was sent by his wife. His wife works for the CIA.” Fleischer testified that Libby even referred to Wilson’s wife by her maiden name, Valerie Plame.

“He added it was `hush-hush’, and on the QT,’ and that most people didn’t know it,” Fleisher testified.

The very next morning, on July 8, Libby met with reporter Judith Miller of the New York Times for two hours for breakfast at the St. Regis Hotel in downtown Washington in an effort to staunch the damage done by Wilson’s column.

Miller testified at Libby’s trial during the breakfast Libby told her that Wilson’s wife worked at the CIA and that Plame had played a role in selecting him for his Niger mission.

In testimony before the federal grand jury in the CIA leak case, Libby testified that Cheney had instructed him before the breakfast to “get everything out.” Regarding the allegations that he leaked information to Miller about Plame, Libby told federal investigators that he had never done so.

During the same breakfast, Libby also disclosed to Miller portions of a then-still classified National Intelligence Estimate which Cheney believed demonstrated that the CIA was to blame for robustly endorsing the Niger information as accurate.

President Bush had personally and secretly declassified portions of the NIE for the specific purpose of leaking them to Miller. In disclosing selective portions of the NIE to Miller, only the President, the Vice President, and Libby knew about the secret declassification.

“So far as you know, the only three people who knew about this would be the President, the Vice President, and yourself,” Libby was asked by Fitzgerald during one session by Libby before the federal grand jury hearing evidence in the CIA leak case,

“Correct, sir,” Libby answered.

Also that same day, July 8, 2003, Cheney met again Cathy Martin– this time on Cheney’s office on Capitol Hill. During the meeting, according to an account Martin gave federal investigators, Cheney told Martin that he wanted some changes and additions made to the talking points devised the previous day that had already been disseminated to Fleischer and other White House communications aides.

Martin told investigators that Cheney dictated the changes to her, and in each case, she took down word for word what the Vice President said. (Martin later repeated this same account under oath during Libby’s trial.)

Cheney told Martin that he wanted the very first of the talking points to now read: “It is not clear who authorized Joe Wilson’s trip to Niger.”

Cheney, of course, knew that the CIA had authorized Wilson’s trip and had sent Wilson to Niger. Both Cheney and Libby had been told by a large number of CIA and State Department officials by then that such was the case, according to the sworn testimony of those officials at Libby’s trial. And the day before, Fleisher had told the press that Wilson’s mission to Niger was “something that the CIA undertook” and that they had also “sent him on their own volition.”

Why would Cheney change the talking points from the day before if he knew that the CIA had sent Wilson and he and his staff had encouraged Fleischer to say that the day before? Obviously, saying it was unclear who had authorized Wilson’s trip to Niger was not only untrue, it also pointed reporters in the direction of asking about Plame.

Asked about this during his FBI interview, Cheney was at a loss to explain how the change of the talking points focusing attention on who specifically sent Wilson to Niger would not lead reporters might lead to exposure of Plame’s role as a CIA officer.

There was a matter, as well, as to why Cheney changed the talking points to say it was unclear who sent Wilson when in fact he had admitted earlier during the same interview with investigators that he clearly knew it was the CIA.

Finally, of course, there was the fact that on the very same day that Cheney changed the talking points that Libby was meeting with Miller and telling Miller that Plame worked for the CIA and had sent her husband to Niger.

In his closing argument during the Libby trial, however, Fitzgerald did mention the issue briefly. None of the media covering the trial, however (with the sole exception once again being Dan Froomkin), appeared to understand its significance or broader context, and did not report it.

Noting the change of Cheney’s July 7 and July 8, 2003 talking points, Patrick Fitzgerald said: “The question of who authorized became number one. That’s a question that would lead to the answer: Valerie Wilson.”


Four days later, on July 12, 2003 Cheney and Libby strategized again as to how to beat back Wilson’s allegations. They had traveled together, and with thier families, to the Norfolk Naval Station for the commissioning of the nuclear-powered Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan.

On the flight home, Cheney pressed Libby to talk to reporters to once again, hoping to beat back Wilson’s allegations and discredit the former diplomat. Immediately after landing, Libby spoke to then-Time magazine correspondent Matthew Cooper and confirmed for him that Plame worked for the CIA and had played a role in sending her husband to Niger. It was regarding that conversation that Libby told the FBI it was “possible” that Cheney might have told him to discuss Plame.

On July 2, 2007, President Bush commuted Libby’s thirty month prison sentence, saying he was doing so out of compassion for Libby’s family and because he believed that he believed that the sentence was excessive. The White House declined to say whether Bush might consider a full pardon for Libby.

In the next few days, it will become known whether Libby will in fact be pardoned by President Bush in his final days in office.

In the meantime, what the Vice President and the President told the FBI during their own FBI interviews during the Plame investigation will not be officially disclosed by the White House. Despite the fact that prosecutor Fitzgerald has said told Congress that he has no objections to the provision of the reports to Congress, the Bush administration has refused to follow through.

Special thanks to David Neiwart for editing assistance.

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Readers can contact Murray Waas by leaving a comment below or through his Facebook accountWaas was, with Jeff Lomonaco, the co-editor of the United States v. I. Lewis Libby, published in the spring of 2007 by Union Square Press.

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334 Responses to Exclusive: Cheney’s admissions to the CIA leak prosecutor and FBI

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  2. LA, CA says:

    Am THRILLED to learn that there is such a thing as an investigative journalist left in America. I thought they were extinct.

  3. The Freeman says:

    I find it disgusting that having admitted to the treasonous act of outing a CIA Agent during a time this nation was at war, cheney is not in a Federal Prison somewhere trading cigarettes for his life.

    How dare he make money from this war, from outing Ms Plame, and for helping to bankrupt the USA.

    10 to 1 bush pardons this treasonous creep before the end of their term.

  4. John says:

    How long will you keep beating this dead horse? The ‘leaker’ of her identity is, and always has been, Richard Armitage.

    “…the primary source of the newspaper column in which Ms. Plame’s cover as an agent was purportedly blown in 2003 was former deputy secretary of state Richard L. Armitage.” – Washington Post


  5. margoharris says:

    The Bush Administration has to be the most corrupt and dangerous ever. They need to be rounded-up and prosecuted for the crime they have committed.

    Thank God, humanity won! And thank you, Murray Waas for your excellent work.

    Godspeed Obama

  6. BOB says:

    The ‘leakers’ re the people who initiated this act of treason, namely Cheney and Bush. If Bush could pardon himself, he would. If he pardons Cheney, he should be prosecuted.

  7. Mark says:

    “Both Cheney and Libby have acknowledged that Cheney directed him to meet with Miller, but claimed that the purpose of that meeting was to leak other sensitive intelligence ….”

    As if it’s OK to leak other intelligence.

  8. That_Guy says:

    We have a word for this Cheney. It’s called treason.

  9. Brian says:

    An act of treason by VP of the US. I feel sick

  10. David says:

    Perhaps Cheney is getting his list of Presidential pardons ready for January, 2009, just before GWB leaves office.

  11. GREYDOG says:

    The bloodless, heartless, souless Dick Cheney is a ruthless, treasonous criminal whether justice catches up to him or not.
    He is not a man, he is a disease.
    He is the embodiment of all things evil in this world…a truly loathsome sociopath.

    • It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d most certainly donate to this fantastic blog!
      I suppose for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and
      adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to fresh updates and will share this blog with my Facebook group.

      Talk soon!

  12. kelly says:

    Treason! If the Puppet attempts to issue a preemptive Pardon, it is time to Revolt

  13. james says:

    How long are we going to keep beating a dead horse, i’m more concerned about the illinios govenor and his dealings with Obama. First he said no one had dealings with the govenor, now we find that not true. Obama has already backed out of some of his campaign promises, remember taxing the wealthy? now he says he won’t do it. They all lie, when are americans going to learn? Let’s hear about stuff that affects us, not old news. Armitage was found to be the culprit, why keep beating on it? Nothing better to write about?

  14. Why is this news? The tentacled connections of Bushco’s genocidally psychopathic war and other crimes have been uncovered, re Plame, Iraq, Afghanistan, bail outs, 9-11 coverup, and more, for many years. The only issue is do the Obama-Clinton-ocrats have the guts to salvage what is left of the Constitution by prosecuting this unprecedentedly evil regime for what it is – a US-UK-Israel-Saudi elite led attempt at US coup d’etat? I say no. The people still need to wake up for this to occur. Revolutions have been fought for far less.

  15. Tom Joad says:

    Like any common criminal, they all get caught in the end by their own need for recognition. They gotta tell someone, they gotta brag, EVEN knowing it will put them away or that there is a chance of it.

    Cheney is no different. He’s been practically exposing himself all over the place lateley, almost like a plan. Almost like he wants to get charged with something…so Bush can pardon him on his way out?

  16. JaneC says:

    Murray, after years of silence, why do you think Cheney is talking now?

    I mean, history has shown us that these people do nothing without having calculated it would provide them some benefit.

    What does Cheney’s admission now get them?

  17. Craig Dunkerley says:

    Is there a typo regarding Libby’s breakfast with Judith Miller? It says that at the same breakfast “Cheney also disclosed to Miller…” I think you meant “Libby also disclosed…” No?

  18. afgail says:

    If Bush pardons Cheney he leaves himself as the only fall guy. Also it would free Cheney to testify against Bush with immunity from self incrimination. Bush’s sole defense will be that he was out of the loop and Cheney was the defacto president. Voila they are both off the hook. By all means Bush should PARDON Cheney.

  19. chesapeake patroit says:

    At least after Obama takes office appoint commission ( with subpeona power) to gather all the facts including war reasons/crimes covers etc. Make this public then decide if and what is doable in court. Give it to new Attorney General and have a go. At least some truths will be revealed even if no convictions. Then legacy of Bush/Cheney et al can be written.

  20. ADiplomat4GodsGovernment says:

    It really isn’t so amazing that Cheney will never be prosecuted Cheney is one of the devil’s instruments of evil. His 9/11 scheme started a world altering time of Biblical significance. For further information see the Church of God PKG

  21. There are lots of typos. It would be a much better article if someone took the time to straighten them out. Some, like the one cited above, could actually end the reporter up in court.

    • Thomas says:

      Can I simply say what a relief to find someone that genuinely knows what they’re discussing on the internet.
      You actually know how to bring a problem to light and make it important.

      A lot more people should read this and understand this side of your
      story. It’s surprising you aren’t more popular given that you surely have the gift.

    • Hi, this weekend is nice designed for me, because this moment
      i am reading this great informative paragraph here at my residence.

  22. james says:

    I like what the last writer afgail had to say this is how they think, Bush has been trained by his father to act and think this way I saw it clearly when he was being interviewed he uses his cowboy distant concern voice then when a question is redirected hard at him he goes into the I don’t know what they will do in a little whisper condescending mouse voice which has old world authority to free him from the question.
    They are very insecure good old boys playing games with people’s lives the Christian thing is a cover up to one step which doesn’t work for him either.
    It will take a long time to undue this inane character study to unwrinkle.

  23. Seizan says:

    Cheney is a liar and a traitor. It’s unfortunate the world (and the despicable Congress) is so upside down that he won’t get what is coming to him–and I think he should be tried for Treason with a capital ‘T.’

    Is it possible that Fitzgerald withheld charges on Cheney to avoid a pardon from the President?

  24. August West says:

    Is the penalty for treason still death?

  25. vishwanath says:

    President Herbert Walker Bush(father of George Bush the current President) said that anybody revealing the identity of a CIA operative or Agent should be treated as traitor and should be punished as Treason. Dick Cheney should be tried in a court of law for treason for revealing the identity of CIA Agent Valerie Plame. He should also be tried in the International Court of Justice for violation of human rights and breaking the rules of Geneva Convention. He has admitted about it without regret in his recent TV interviews with Fox News network. He should be tried in a court of law, which he denied to others.

  26. Gary Farber says:

    You may wish to fix this ‘graph: “Asked about this during his FBI interview, Cheney was at a loss to explain how the change of the talking points focusing attention on who specifically sent Wilson to Niger would not lead reporters might lead to exposure of Plame’s role as a CIA officer.”

  27. Chris says:

    It seems as though Cheney feels comfortable with admitting many items as of late that should be investigated by this new Administration. From authorizing the waterboarding of KSM, to expressing his support for torture, and now this. Certainly not a surprise to those who have been following this Administration for the last 8 years, but the arrogent nature of his admissions come with a sense that he will not be punished for his crimes. As I have written about at my blog, the Obama Administration needs to recommit this country to the rule of law and in doing so, must investigate the crimes of the Bush Administration to provide a level of accountability.

  28. Carl says:

    I wonder if it is even legal for Vice President Cheney to receive a presidential pardon. I am not a lawyer but…
    … don’t pardons require an admission of guilt? If VP Cheney receives a pardon, doesn’t he need to present it to the courts along with an admission of wrong doing? As long as Cheney maintains he is innocent of federal crime, he cannot be pardoned. i.e. a President can’t issue a “just incase you’re found of federal crime, you’re free” pardon.

    So… without any FBI indictments being issue before Pres. Elect Obama takes office, Cheney (and Bush, for that matter) should be fair game.

  29. Chris says:

    Phenomenal article, despite surmountable editorial mis-cues. But who cares about micro-issues of form when the function is brilliantly served?

    Thank God there are still some in the CIA who actually care about preserving the Constitution!

    Cheney must go to prison. Otherwise, why have laws at all?

    Chris Camacho

  30. watchdogofmedia says:

    as typical and usual of Murray Waas reporting, there is perhaps one or two sentences of new information in this really, really long story and the rest of it is rehash of old news. The Washington Post and the Washington City paper did a good job of exposing Waas for making his stories seem new when they arent.

    also, waas failed to say how he learned this new info.

    nothing new here or revealing

  31. McCloud says:

    Geez, Fitzgerald lied to the public when he stated that Libby was the first govt employee to leak the info to a reporter when he knew from the start Armitage was the one.

    And Mr. Waas, nice job of glossing over many of the facts in this case to suit your narrative. Plame never has explained who that “walk by guy” was who supposedly recommended Joe for the trip. One would think an investigative journalist would care.

  32. PrissyPatriot says:

    Mr. Waas, I greatly admire your writings. Kudos for staying on this.

    Yes I agree with posters above. Dick Cheney should be brought to trial under the charge of treason. With such overwhelming evidence, conviction is a no brainer…a few more weeks and Dickie can forget about ever being pardoned.

  33. CurtJ says:

    You figure that since Fitzgerald was a Neo Con Republican appointee, his job was to take the focus off the high level Neo Con Parasites infesting the Executive Branch. Conflict of Interest and Collusion equals Treason!!!
    Treason is Treason!!

  34. pickypicky says:

    Interesting article.

    Still contains numerous typos.

    Here “Cheney” should read “Libby”:
    “During the same breakfast, Cheney also disclosed to Miller…”

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  36. Buck says:

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Check your history people. Politics are the same as always.The name should be changed to DOG-TICs.Politican are in it for the same thing as they always been, self interest, power, and most of all MONEY.And like dog ticks they are just so many blood suckers.Politics are no longer a service to Country, But a damn good paying job.

  37. Veronica says:

    The Bush Regime will never go too jail. Why? They have bankrupted our country, we don’t have any money to pay Patrick Fitzgeral to send them to Gitmo & President Obama won’t be able to throw away the key.

  38. murrayw says:

    thanks to those who sent emails and left comments about the typo in the graph about the breakfast– interactivity works! made the change. Always send things like that my way!

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  40. Matthew Schulis says:

    Last I checked admitting you disclosed information knowing that it would lead to outing a COVERT CIA agent is TREASON!!!!!


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  42. Frank says:

    Ford issued a pardon for Nixon without the latter having been convicted. There is some question about whether or not Bush can pardon himself, but he can certainly issue preemptive pardons. Look for Cheney, Rumsfield, Alberto Gonzales, Bob Ney, Rick Rienzi, Rich Pombo, Ted Stevens, Duke Cunningham, Virgil Goode, Don Young, Doug Feith, David Safavian, Condi Rice, Monica Goodling, Kathy Harris, Gail Norton, and especially Karl Rove all to get pardons. Scooter Libby will probably get one also, as his sentence has only been commuted.

  43. stormy7 says:


  44. lugnut says:

    Cheney is talking now, because he want to put it all out there, so the question want be asked of Bush, why he pardoned him? If he pardoned him now or before his admissions. The other reason is to exonerate Bush himself. Its looks better to pardon Cheney, then to have to pardon himself. Cheney gets pardoned, case closed on all of Bushes culpability. Bush will pardon Cheney for all the things he has admitted.

  45. CLeeT says:

    A pardon of Cheney would really result in an obstruction of justice and should be challenged on that ground. Unfortunately, Bush the Lesser knows that his own father set the precedent with impunity through his pardon of Caspar.

  46. Wendy says:

    Anyone who knew the conditions in Niger would know, as Joe Wilson did, that a trip there would not be anybody’s idea of a “junket.” Furthermore, based on his experience in Niger, he knew ahead of time that it would be impossible for Niger to sneak tons of uranium out of a country that produced very little of it.

    Furthermore, what I understand is that Ms. Plame most decidedly did not want Wilson absenting himself from home at that time due to the fact that they had baby twins who took a lot of their attention.

    Cheney is truly evil but luckily, we will be rid of him and W as of Jan. 21.

  47. Playin Possum says:

    Cheney is a good example of why the terrorists are on the real America’s side…

  48. Tony Pell says:

    NOT FOR PUBLICATION Confidential
    Am former AFP, CBS News-Paris, publisher. CJSchool +++
    Met Wilson when he was at NSC. Would appreciate being able to communicate directly with you on confidential basis. [NB I also, under FARA, repped two West African heads of state...]
    Thanks, Tony Pell

  49. AbbeFaria says:

    What a horrible person Cheney is! A chickenhawk with no morality. I’m gonna be so upset if the Obama administration doesn’t investigate and prosecute these criminals!

  50. Tom says:

    Did you conveniently forget that Richard Armitage had already leaked Plame’s identity days before Cheney and Libby got invovled?

  51. Heimdall says:

    Cheney and criminal company are the farthest thing from a “dead horse,” and not so luckily, we won’t be “rid” of them any time in the near future.
    The no-bid war enterprise will continue for years, and the treasonous, profiteering crooks who blatantly trampled the Constitution will walk free with smirks on their faces and their hands in our wallets because the political class wants it that way. A nation that refuses to uphold its law, has none.

  52. Cal Damage says:

    Hey, McClouded!
    1) Armitage’s leak was the first one that a reporter printed, not the first one that Libby and Darth Cheney put out. Miller and Klein(?) had ethics (and I know I’m stretching that word to the limit in the case of Miller) about abetting treason. Novak had none. The VP & gang knew they needed to make more than one leak to get the treason out.
    2) And speaking of treason, exactly what part of ‘covert’ do you clowns STILL not understand? So the “drive by guy” that suggested Joe Wilson at that CIA meeting in all likelihood was also covert, or had been. And Mr Waas here has more scruples than any of your propaganda sources, by not publishing the name, even if he knows it.

    Meanwhile, have you read the news about Russia selling ground-to-air missiles to Iran, who might have nukes soon? And what blonde secret agent was assigned to keep that from happening, and was succeeding until which 5-time deferred draft dodging VP leaked her name?

    Why do Republicans hate America so much?

  53. lungfish says:

    Well, if there was any question about Cheney being an honorable and honest man I think we have found the answer. He is devious, lying manipulative and unapologetic.

    He is also a traitor…..

    Now Dubya said he would fire anyone resonsible for the leak, which he didn’t do. Cheney lied about his involvement and during tne entire episode he withheld what he knew. Scooter committed perjury to protect them all knowing that Dubya would commute his sentence.

    Meanwhile, Valerie is seeking justice in court and is denied it because Cheney didn’t step up and tell the truth.
    Rove incites the GOP and the media to smear Valerie and Ambassador Wilson and make it seem like they some how deserved it….


  54. Mitchellcat says:

    Where treason is lawful, there should be a Revolution!

  55. frank says:

    big dick is in some big crap if you ask me,if you are going to cross one of our top spies sooner or later you will pay for it.i think this woman advanced to her position in the c.i.a. for being very ruthless and sooner or later dick will meet his demise.willy shakespere said it best about the wrath of a woman.

  56. Pingback: Needlenose » Blog Archive » As if we didn’t already know

  57. Fieldstone says:

    Obama has to waive executive privilege(he will be the executive) , release all relevant information and require all involved to testify where required. Let’s watch Bush and Cheney try to stop him from getting to the truth.

  58. Tom says:


    I know progressives like to live in their own revisionist fantasy land but the facts of Plamegate are public knowledge. Armitage leaked Plame’s identity to Woodward and Novak long before Cheney and Libby did. I realize it would cause you to have a conniption fit to admit all your progressive blogs are wrong about this but unfortunately for you facts are facts. Continue to pretend otherwise though so you can keep on bleating treason and working yourself into a frothing frenzy.

  59. EH says:

    Murray Waas, Pulitzer Prize winner.

  60. 123andy says:

    Maybe the story can be more exciting when you tell us how Chaney ordered Armitage to leak Valery Plane’s name to the press, specifically Novak. Maybe you can also tell us why Powell, who knew from day one that Armitage leaked the name never said anything about it during the investigation and the trial. Chaney clearly was the mastermind behind this all. Maybe you can also tell us where Wilson’s trip report to the CIA is? Other than that this story and the devastating comments calling for Chaney’s scalp are kind of self serving and boring.

  61. BRG says:

    I am soooooo disappointed in Dick (The Prick) Cheney. I more-or-less worked for him back in the ’80s and I was soooo superthrilled when he and the chimp stole the presidency back in 2000. I laughed heartliy at my liberal friends and when 9/11 happened I made sure that they knew that Cheney would take care of it, that they should be glad that Gore “lost”. Little did I know that he was a Satan spawn. Little did I know that he was working under direct orders from the Anti-Christ himself. If I had known then what I know now, he wouldn’t have lived to become the Vice President. I apologise to all for not nipping it in the bud when I had the chance, but I didn’t know. I especially apologize to Valerie Plame, the 3000+ people murdered on 9/11, and the 100,000+ people (including our own soldiers) murdered in Iraq.

  62. Marmann says:

    Cheney got a two-fer: First, he was able to retaliate against Wilson for daring to speak truth to power.

    Secondly, he interrupted and ended the weapons work Valerie Plame was secretly working on in IRAN. Also, if she was no longer working in Iran, then she couldn’t come forward at some future date and tell the world that Bush was lying AGAIN just to start another baseless war, which he still has the capability to do by way of false flag attack or whatever other means these criminals have up their sleeves.

    Certainly, if we’re “attacked” before January 20, 2009 (or if “something” catastrophic should “happen” to Obama), then martial must be declared, and “President” Bush will promote himself to “Dictator-in-Chief.”

    One can easily assume that Bush has pockets full of money (since he refuses to provide a list of the recipients of that $750 BILLION). He also has a house in Paraguay.

    The question is: Would he nuke his own country?

    To me, he is a madman and is capable of just about anything.

  63. finncoop says:

    If they can vote on a suspension of presidential powers
    while an impeachment is under consideration
    (yes, it is in the constitution)
    Bush and Cheney would have their powers of office revoked
    or suspended indefinately, preventing any last minute pardons, keeping full investigation and prosecution of valid charges including Treason and War crimes.
    They do not have to impeach, they just have to suspend the powers of office, and if the press were approached properly
    (promised a lot of bloody red meaty stories to chew on)
    the press would stop helping the nazis and put Bush et al into prison where they belong.
    Hell, there could be a couple hangings!

  64. helooooooo? says:

    Can someone please explain where the “scoop” is in this long-winded story? Or is everyone in the progressive sphere simply coming in their pants because murray waas crawled out of his hole and wrote a story that contains 98 percent of previously published news

  65. David Nagy says:

    Why has Dick Armey’s statement that his decision to make his crucial vote for the Iraq War was based on a lie Dick Cheney told him not gotten more attention??


  66. Eric says:

    Who cares. This is a long winded piece of crap story.

  67. Jay E Kantor,PhD says:

    Sadly, this report’s information getting out and Cheney’s public bragging about torture and the rest can only mean that he knows no one will indict him- Not the Dems not the International Court.

    It’s enough to make one feel sympathy for Lynndie Englander

  68. Pingback: qwstnevrythg.com » Cheney’s admissions to the CIA leak prosecutor and FBI

  69. The Oracle says:

    Don’t forget the after-incident CIA damage assessment report, which resulted from the damage assessment conducted after one of the CIA’s top covert non-official-cover agents, Valerie Plame Wilson, had her cover blown by “loose lips” Bush administration officials.

    This national security damage assessment report, just like the transcript of Cheney’s FBI interview, has not been released, even in redacted form…leading me to believe that this damage assessment is just as damning of Dick Cheney as his interview with federal investigators.

    In other words, if there had not been damage done to our national security (through the outing of a covert CIA agent and her CIA front company, Brewster-Jennings, as well as the compromising of overseas CIA contacts) then this after-incident damage assessment report would have been offered into evidence by Libby’s defense team at his trial. It wasn’t. Therefore, damage was done to our national security, grievous damage, which is why the Bush/Cheney administration has kept this report so deeply buried, right beside Cheney’s FBI interview transcripts.

  70. cinnamonape says:

    John: “How long will you keep beating this dead horse? The ‘leaker’ of her identity is, and always has been, Richard Armitage.”
    And precisely how did Armitage obtain classified information about Plame? You’ll find that he learned it when Libby requested a report about the briefing that Wilson received at the CIA HQ attended by State Department representatives. These folks wrote the report at the behest of Cheney, and Armitage and others were part of the chain of contacts who read it. This report was then passed on to Libby and Cheney. And Armitages leaks began (with Bob Woodward) almost immediately after another meeting with Libby “about Pakistan” (one of the individuals who was at the CIA meeting had been assigned to Pakistan).

    Both of these leaks occurred AFTER the Cheney meeting with Libby in which he prepared the talking points for Judy Miller, though. So in fact, although it wasn’t published, Libby passed on the info to Miller first. And both he and Rove acted as confirmations for Novak.

  71. Tom says:

    @The Oracle,

    If Plame was a covert NOC agent, why did she have a desk job at Langley? That is a rhetorical question by the way.

    BTW have any of you progressives ever heard of Aldrich Ames? He was a CIA agent selling our secrets to the Soviets. Do any of you lefties think it was a mere coincidence that Plame was pulled out of the field and given a desk job right after it was discovered Ames sold the Soviets the identity of numerous NOC agents?

    Hint for those who haven’t figured it out yet. The reason Fitzgerald never indicted anyone for disclosing the identity of a “covert” agent is because Plame’s cover had already been blown years ago thanks to Ames.

  72. Luca Ponti says:

    This is an act of treason. So, America, you need to put him in jail. Yes?

  73. Tom says:


    Armitage did not learn about Plame’s real identity from Cheney and Libby. He learned about it from one of his State Department co-workers, a guy by the name of Goodman. It was Goodman who wrote the Dept of State’s briefing memo concerning Wilson’s trip to Niger. It was this report that was left unsecured on a plane where multiple personel from the White House had access to read it.

    How did Goodman know Plame’s identity? Well it just so happens Wilson and Goodman were old friends going all the way back to their college days at UC-Santa Barbera. Wilson and Goodman rose up thru the ranks of the State Department at the same time. Goodman knew Wilson was married to Plame because he was good friends with both of them. He passed this info (probably inadvertently) on to Powell and Armitage long before Cheney and Libby knew it. Armitage leaked it to Novak and Woodward because based on how he acquired the info himself, he was not aware that Plame was a former NOC. All Armitage knew was that she worked a desk job at Langley.

  74. Miatch says:

    @ John & James: “How long will you keep beating this dead horse?”

    So, what do you think the statute of limitations on Treason should be? I’m thinking at least 10 years. or are you one of those anti-law-and-order type trolls?

  75. reality cheek says:

    Tom, Eric and other obvious Trolls:

    answer me these 2 questions, riddler:

    1, if this story is old news and boring, THEN WHY ARE YOU WRITING ABOUT IT?

    2, If Armitage was so successful in destroying Wilson’s credibility by leaking Plame, THEN WHY WAS CHENEY SO OBSESSED WITH CONTINUING TO LEAD MEDIA TO PLAME’S SUPPOSED ROLE IN SENDING THE AMBASSADOR TO NIGER?

    One more question: don’t the American people deserve to know what this evidently criminal Vice President has done in our name?

    And, finally: WHAT IS CHENEY HIDING IN HIS MAN-SIZED SAFE AND THE DESTRUCTION OF THE RECORDS OF VISITORS TO HIS RESIDENCE? (My guess is that the answer to the latter, and maybe the former, is evidence of late-night visits from that gay-porn-actor-turned-softball-questioning “reporter” Rich Gannon, but I could be wrong.

  76. ElleninBigD says:

    What is always left out of these stories is that from Bush’s State of the Union address and Wilson’s op ed in July is that Wilson repeatedly tried to get people in the government to disavow Bush’s claim. He didn’t write his op ed because he was pissed. This wasn’t an ego thing. It was because he was trying to tell the American people the truth.

  77. Mitch says:

    @ Tom

    They knew exacty who and what she was, they just didn’t care. So sayeth the notes and records, and a their acquaintances–unless conviently forgetting is now an excuse for having committed treason and third degree murder, and harmed U.S. security, by outing sources.

    @ all

    Bush’s pardons mean nothing when Bush is found retroactively guilty of treason, war crimes, crimes against humanity, etc., and those are only the crimes for which Military Law finds him guilty without any need for review. Illegal presidents can only give illegal pardons.

  78. Pingback: Heathbar’s Crunch » Exclusive: Cheney’s admissions to the CIA leak FBI - A Link Blog By Chris Heath

  79. Tom says:

    @reality check

    #1. This article was linked at memeorandum. Glad I came over here because reading the article and some of the replies from the nutroots community has provided some humor.

    #2. Easy to figure out if you can use your brain to reason things out. In his NY Times oped that started the brouhaha, Wilson blatantly lied when he stated he was sent to Niger to investigate the claim Iraq was trying to purchase yellowcake by Dick Cheney himself. That is completelu false. Cheney had no clue who Wilson or Plame were prior to Wilson’s trip to Niger.

    When Wilson lied about who sent him (we all know now he was sent to Niger ONLY because his wife recommended him for the task), the White House went into pushback mode. The question all the reporters were asking was “Why was someone like Joe Wilson sent on such an important task?” Once Cheney learned about the link between Plame and Wilson, the question all the reporters were asking could finally be answered.

    BTW why do you call it trolling when everything I have posted are fully documented facts?

  80. Neil says:

    The biggest crime of all was the crime against our democracy by Bush and Cheney to manufacture consent for invading Iraq by conjuring intelligence in the Dept of Defense and conflating Osama bin Ladin with Saddam Hussein.

    We were intentionally lied to about mushroom clouds, aluminum tubes and mass quantities of uranium from Africa.

    We were in shock from a devastatingly horrific attack on the WTC and elsewhere, and Bush and Cheney lied to us about Saddam and 9/11. If ever there was a crime that should be prosecuted, its the crime of lying to Congress and the American people to gain their consent for a war of choice, a preemptive war, for regime change and private economic benefit.

    If Obama and Biden want to look forward, that’s fine. He must allow his DOJ to look back and follow the facts wherever they lead.

  81. Neil says:

    the trip was taken as a result of the VP’s desire to have some questions answered. true.

    if you want to claim “Wilson lied about who sent him,” have at it. it’s immaterial to the substantive facts in the case.

    Cheney wrote the talking points to discredit the bigger claim. It doesn’t really matter who sent him.

    i’m glad you find it humorous. i don’t. i lost a good friend in iraq. she was 41.

  82. Suzanne says:

    Cheney should be in jail… in a weird twist of fate, the mess he and bush left for Obama to deal with, will probably ensure that he gets off scott free.

    Those of you who voted for bush/cheney the second time, share the blame for the crisis the usa finds itself in …. and the world.

    Both cheney/bush are criminals, and belong in a jail cell

  83. Tom says:


    Wrong. Its completely material to the facts of the case. Wilson, Plame, and the nutroots folks like you find at sites such as Crooks and Liars have all beem bleating that Plame’s identity was purposely leaked by Cheney in retribution for Wilson going public with his oped. You guys have repeated it so many times you believe it to be “The Truth”. It is however blatantly untrue and those of you progressives with one iota of intelligence and a shred of honesty know it.

  84. Neil says:

    Cheney conceded during his interview with federal investigators that in drawing attention to Plame’s role in arranging her husband’s Africa trip reporters might also unmask her role as CIA officer

    So why did he do it? He wanted to attack Joe for his OpEd but instead of attacking the opinion and showing the facts that supported his case for war, he attacked the legitimacy of the fact finder thereby KNOWINGLY putting Valarie’s covert CIA career in jeopardy and all of the covert agents with whom she worked.

  85. Miatch says:

    Hey Tom, is Patrick Fitzgerald part of the left wing blogging community? What did he mean by stating that the cloud of suspicion hanging over Cheney’s head?

  86. Neil says:

    Cheney wanted to do two mutually exclusive things ; 1) discredit Wilson’s findings about Uranium and 2) claim that he did not know Wilson’s findings when the White House was deciding to go to war. Why is #1 necessary if #2 is true?

    Cheney was prepared to reveal the identity of the covert CIA agent in order to 1) discredit the research by Wilson by implying Wilson’s tip was a junket, and at the same time, 2) make it crystal clear the he had no knowledge of Wilson’s findings (no mass quantities of Uranium) in the run-up to the war.

    Wrap your head around that.

    on July 8, Libby met with reporter Judith Miller of the New York Times for two hours for breakfast at the St. Regis Hotel in downtown Washington in an effort to staunch the damage done by Wilson’s column.

    Miller testified at Libby’s trial during the breakfast Libby told her that Wilson’s wife worked at the CIA and that Plame had played a role in selecting him for his Niger mission.

    In testimony before the federal grand jury in the CIA leak case, Libby testified that Cheney had instructed him before the breakfast to “get everything out.” Regarding the allegations that he leaked information to Miller about Plame, Libby told federal investigators that he had never done so.

    During the same breakfast, Libby also disclosed to Miller portions of a then-still classified National Intelligence Estimate which Cheney believed demonstrated that the CIA was to blame for robustly endorsing the Niger information as accurate.

    President Bush had personally and secretly declassified portions of the NIE for the specific purpose of leaking them to Miller. In disclosing selective portions of the NIE to Miller, only the President, the Vice President, and Libby knew about the secret declassification.

    “So far as you know, the only three people who knew about this would be the President, the Vice President, and yourself,” Libby was asked by Fitzgerald during one session by Libby before the federal grand jury hearing evidence in the CIA leak case,

    “Correct, sir,” Libby answered.

  87. leggs67 says:

    arrest that fucking prick

  88. Dr Do Little says:

    Oh you fools, you fools. Can’t you see that this isn’t about Dick, or George, or Valerie or even the Vespa. Dick Cheney’s career of service to the U.S. has always been about helping poor people, their children and sick animals. He thought yellow cake was cake, that’s all. That’s why they invaded Iraq to find the cake and give it to the sick children and the sick animals and to make a six year reality show out of it for cable. That’s it, end of story.

  89. abagail A says:

    Cheney, Rove, Armitage and the reporter are traitors and still have free access to the airways. For shame for anyone who gives these traitors a venue to spew their lies.

  90. Tom says:


    Is it safe for me to assume that no matter what evidence is provided to you and your ilk here at Crooks and Liars in regards to Plamegate, such as the fact that Armitage was the actual leaker and not Libby/Cheney, that it was Plame herself who got Wilson sent to Niger, etc., that you will refuse to accept them as facts?

  91. Miatch says:

    Tom, how many sources did Novak have? I thought the answer was two. Even if it were not, why do you find it impossible to believe more than one person leaked the info?

  92. Kathryn says:

    Informative article certainly confirming my belief that Cheney was at the center of this mess, and used Libby to shield himself from the law.

    On another note, does someone copy-edit your columns? Far too many simple but distracting errors.

  93. Antimedia says:

    If you’re going to be an “investigative journalist”, it would be good to get your facts straight.

    You write, …..”the role of then-covert CIA-officer Valerie Plame…..”. There is not a single shred of evidence that Valerie Plame was a covert officer at the time of the incident. There are numerous assertions that she was, but not one journalist has provided any evidence that she was. Indeed the evidence that we do have points to the contrary. She had served in Langley for more than five years long before the famous “outing”, making her covert status a thing of the past.

    On a side note, the faux concern of the left for a supposedly exposed CIA officer is laughable coming from the same folks who routinely denigrate the fine people who serve this nation in the intelligence services.

    Later you write, “Despite numerous warnings from the CIA and elsewhere in government that the Niger allegations were most likely false or even contrived, President Bush cited them in his 2002 State of the Union address as a rationale to go to war with Iraq.”

    This is absolutely false. Niger was never mentioned in the SOTU address. A thorough reading of the address will not find a single mention of Niger. The famous “sixteen words” only mentioned Africa, not Niger, and there were reports from other nations, including the Congo, that indicated Iraqi interest in uranium exports, as well as Wilson’s report that also supported the claim.

    The false document, planted by the French and cited by Wilson in his op-ed, did not come to light until after the SOTU address. Furthermore, a British review found that the statement in the address was “well-founded” and not based upon the false document.

    Furthermore, Joseph Wilson directly contradicted his own (later) sworn testimony in his op-ed. He did, in fact, find evidence that Iraq had sought yellowcake in Niger, and he reported that fact in his debriefing, only to assert the opposite in his op-ed that launched the execrable “Bush lied and people died” mantra that the left is so found of spewing.

    Finally, CNN (among others) reported that the US shipped over 500 tons of yellowcake out of Iraq surreptitiously in an effort not to alert the terrorists and Baath loyalists in Iraq that the yellowcake was there. So the silly assertion that there were no WMD in Iraq fails even a cursory examination.

    So much for your “investigative journalist” credentials. Just another left spewing lies to the fawning adoration of your many sycophants.

  94. Pingback: Cheney admitted to FBI he altered Plame talking points in a manner certain to expose her | vote tags: Tracking the Vote

  95. Antimedia says:

    To all the morons wondering if Bush will pardon Cheney: pardons are for people that have been convicted of a crime. You cannot pardon someone who has not only not been convicted but hasn’t even been charged with a crime.

    Man, our schools are turning out non-functional idiots.

  96. Pingback: Partisan Cancer Fogs Wall Street Journal’s Judgement « The Long Goodbye

  97. Miatch says:

    Antimedia, what crime was Nixon convicted of?

  98. Juri says:

    Investigative journalism lives! The problem is, it does not live fast enough to keep up with the powers that be. It is not acting strongly enough as a counterpoint to the other branches of government. Reason #1 – the news cycle is stifling fact checking, source verification. People’s addiction to the news cycle makes sensationalism more important than fact. That’s got to be reversed.

    Do you need any other reasons? If so, many of us would be happy to provide…

  99. buzz says:

    hey TOM .. stuff it and STFU .. go on back over to freeper asshole

  100. Neil says:

    There is not a single shred of evidence that Valerie Plame was a covert officer at the time of the incident.

    The head of the CIA, Gen Michael V. Hayden, wrote and signed a letter to the Government Oversight Committee attesting to the fact that Valarie Plame was a covert CIA agent at the time Cheney told Libby to leak it to Judy Miller, and Rove to Cooper, “Plame is fair game”.

    Yes, not a single shred, a overwhelmingly authoritative source. The guy that runs the agency who was appointed by Bush. Freeper’s aren’t stupid, they’re just believe everything they hear Rush and O’Reilly tell them.

  101. Neil says:

    The reason Fitzgerald never indicted anyone for disclosing the identity of a “covert” agent is because Plame’s cover had already been blown years ago thanks to Ames.

    That’s not what Fitzgerald says. Fitzgerald said that Libby’s lies and obstruction concealed the truth about Cheney’s role in the affair, over which there is still a cloud. Breaking this particular law is difficult to prove, because it contains an element of prior knowledge and intent to violate, but Fitzgerald said he could not determine if that law was broken because of Libby’s lies and obstruction.

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  105. Bob Eisele says:

    Cheney is guilty of treason. He’s gotten off because his connections to money and industry are deemed more valuable than his oath to protect the Constitution of the United States.

  106. Jack Moss says:

    You forget one important thing. First it was Dick Armatage who leaked her name. 2) Cheney didn’t have to leak anything, as Vice President he has the authority to de-class her status is he deemed it necessary, especially for national security purposes which this was.

    The only traitors in this story were Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame.

  107. Bill says:

    Maybe the son of a bitch will have a heart attack , a very painful one, and die today! That would be the best Christmas present the good old Earth could experience.
    Screw Bush, Cheney and every republican bastard on the face of the earth!

    • I do not know whether it’s just me or if perhaps
      everyone else experiencing problems with your site.
      It appears as though some of the written text on your posts
      are running off the screen. Can somebody else please comment and
      let me know if this is happening to them too? This may be a problem with my browser because I’ve had
      this happen previously. Thanks

  108. Matt says:

    To Jack Moss #106:
    Cheney attempted to discredit Joe Wilson’s Editorial on the false yellow cake assertion by outing his wife, a CIA agent. How is that traitorous?
    National security purpose?, stacking the deck for war with false assertions and outing CIA agent to help the lies stick. I’m sure your blind loyalty to these liars will allow you on some level to absolve them but, I don’t fathom how.
    Bush/Cheney have set the precedence for any president to out a Agent and I guess you are ok with that.

  109. Teresa says:

    The Nazi’s are well and truly in power in the USA. The reason Cheney is going around publicizing his misdeeds is to provoke ordinary citizens to REVOLT. Then, they can declare martial law and take over the country, thereby keeping Barack Obama from being sworn in as the new President. This was predicted a long time ago, and it’s now happening. Congress is in on it. They’re all bought and paid for. Nothing we can do except NOT revolt until we can get the new President in place. That will keep from giving the Treasonous idiots in the White House reason to declare martial law.

  110. dalgeity says:

    The origin of the “uranium for Iraq” story was that noble organisation MI6 the home of tinker tailor soldier spy….poor old Colin Powell with his specimen jar at the United Nations general assembly surrounded by his officials….all sitting uncomfortably looking in the air for light relief and some inspiration.

  111. MarcoZandrini says:

    #93 Antimedia writes, “There is not a single shred of evidence that Valerie Plame was a covert officer at the time of the incident.” Read the law. The law clearly states that when an agent’s status is changed to “covert,” the agent’s status remains “covert” for a period of six (6) years AFTER the circumstances requiring covert status have ended. Hence Plame’s status was covert.

    Antimedia writes, “‘Despite numerous warnings from the CIA and elsewhere in government that the Niger allegations were most likely false or even contrived, President Bush cited them in his 2002 State of the Union address as a rationale to go to war with Iraq.’ This is absolutely false. Niger was never mentioned in the SOTU address.” Later, “The false document, planted by the French and cited by Wilson in his op-ed, did not come to light until after the SOTU address.” Nice try, but Niger is the only country in Africa that could supply Iraq with an appreciable quantity of yellow cake. Also, the false document was planted by the Italian secret police, and it’s existence was known well before the SOTU. And, the documents lack of validity was known hours after it was examined by CIA staff stationed in Rome. You’re 0 for 2.

    Lastly, antimedia asserts, “Finally, CNN (among others) reported that the US shipped over 500 tons of yellowcake out of Iraq surreptitiously in an effort not to alert the terrorists and Baath loyalists in Iraq that the yellowcake was there. So the silly assertion that there were no WMD in Iraq fails even a cursory examination.” Yellow cake isn’t a WMD, just as aluminum oxide ore isn’t considered an airplane.

    Well, that raps it up. Final score Antimedia 0 for 3. Better luck next time. You might consider that single “A” league at redstate.com.

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  113. JustJohn says:

    Wiretapped, jailed indefinitely without charges and probably tortured for discussing charges against the Bush/Cheney regime….

    No reason to ask why charges have not been filed.

  114. madisonhack says:

    Anitmedia wrote ‘To all the morons wondering if Bush will pardon Cheney: pardons are for people that have been convicted of a crime. You cannot pardon someone who has not only not been convicted but hasn’t even been charged with a crime.

    Man, our schools are turning out non-functional idiots.’

    So Gerald Ford was a ‘non-functional idiot’ or Richard Nixon was guilty of what? Was he ever charged? Your turn, neo-con.

  115. Joss Wilderq says:

    Cheney truly is an idiot! Sooner we get that moron out of office the better off we will all be!


  116. Annie says:

    Thank you.

    I. Scooter Libby, supposedly acting as Cabinet Advisor to President Clinton, order the US Marshal to stand down from further investigations and prosecutions of terrorism in Miami public schools in late 1997

    I believe the reason Dick Cheney is suddenly forthcoming, is that he will soon leave office and he wants to present the notion he had very limited involvement in the Plame affair, and even less involvement with terrorism. I believe the truth of the matter is that the Plame affair highlights a very longstanding network supporting terrorism in the United States. Such little oversight/clearsight by federal authorities/by participants occurred that the network might possibly have become an attack support arm of al qaeda.It did not prevent the attack of September 11.

    I think a variation of the common joke of, “How many Americans does it take to actualize a terrorist attack?” applies. The frightening answer would be: the person who props open the door at a secure facility either physically or electronically, the person who does illegal things while supposing that they are somehow part of a clandestine network, the goverment officials who collectively slow down the processes of prosecuting terrorism. A handful of people in an ocean of humanity which must be protected from further terrorist attacks….can make a terrorist attack geometrically more lethal.

    Where the Plame affair slides sideways is with the participation of Richard Armitage.

    The sting mounted to expose Yehuda Abraham was the tip of the iceberg.

    The Plame outing was not the first attempt on her career/life. She was outed on April 22, 2000. By admission of the State Department (Colin Powell), she was also outed some years earlier in her career when a dossier was left unsecured on a desk in Cuba (I sure would like to hear the details of that event). When a CIA field agent is outed, it is a clear indication that they are being targeted, as they take some measures to shield their identities. The dangers to them are real and ever-present. The greatest danger is that they will become preferred targets. The models by which we train up and prepare the intelligence community involved the awareness of circumspect groups of dedicated criminals in the world community.

    But what we are now experiencing is allied groups of circumspect communities worldwide (dedicated to terrorist overtake) which do become confluent and do have greater ability to strike, using well-honed methods of asymmetric warfare in areas ranging from economic to educational to community-based to internet to infrastructure terrorism.

    The 1996-1998 prosecutions, undertaken by the US Marshall/US Attorney (prior to the standdown order) resulted in convictions of Terri Kanov Reynolds and Mourad Topalian.

    Topalian served seven years in prison. When he fulfilled the most restrictive portion of his subsequent probation this last July, he announced the marriage of his daughter to the head of the Gambino Crime Family. True love. At the time of his arrest, he had been busily establishing Eastern European crime families in the South Florida area and using his position as VicePresident of something or other at Citibank in Miami to threaten the federal whistleblower in the prosecution of the deGortari slushfund which Citibank had solicited and was managing.

    It was the Gambino Crime Family in South Florida which involved itself in the murder of Gus Boulis, the owner of SunCruz…..the casino boat corporation Jack Abramoff was attempting to buy in absence of money to do so. The man who murdered Gus is dead and never came to trial. Gus made his living laundering funds for the mob, in addition to running a string of sub sandwich shops.
    Valerie Plame Wilson was investigating terrorist access to nuclear material. She was based in Florida also, and there was substantial activity related to al qaeda efforts at nuclear attack in South Florida. This is an example of how Washington lived in terribly close proximity to terrororism…close enough to merge its financial and social networks.

    The urgency remains to disenfranchise those in power who cooperated and conspired with al qaeda. There was every opportunity for them to know they were participating in terrorism. They forgot, or never intended to support their role in representing the common good for citizens of the United States. While it is true that terrorist response calls for rapid insight, vastly expanded information and investigations, and the highest level of higher-order decisionmaking, those in office, including Cheney and Bush were either well-prepared to assume the role through job experience or with the assistance of many advisors.They chose to do otherwise too often.

    Tacit support of Wahabbism resulted directly in compromise of the infrastructure of the United States. Debasement of the processes of justice has brought us to where we are today.

  117. M. J. Simon says:

    Why don’t we set up a special section in Guantanamo Prison and arrange rendition there for this treasonous piece of scum, Rumsfeld and their complicit staffs.

  118. drauz says:

    Greta overview, Wass, thanks.
    The Big Picture. CIA & OVP (acting as W’s Brains) were in a classic inter-gov scuffle. In this case it focused on then-current & future ass-covering over the “excuses generated in order to fulfill the go-to-war decision”. Incidently, some facts & fact-gatherers (& a wife) were involved. Also, some personality defects were revealed – among a number of players at a high level in the Exec Branch.

    There may have been some pure & patriotic motives in play – as usual the little players taking a risk gain nothing. It should suprise no one (including his defenders – in fact they celebrate his nature) that the VP is an uncompromising & vindictive user of power – he takes negative feedback personally, he wields power to do harm. His weak character is revealed in the manner of his reaction to Wilson’s op-ed. He reacted to a many-faceted inside intel community matter as a personal & emotional one – the Plamegate incident was a personal vendetta.

    On an institutional basis, there was (& remains) enough blame to go around for everyone (& especially for “where the $ stops” – where did it stop under W, anyway?). As to leadership quality, we are all lucky to get out of the current Admin’s rule alive (except of course for those who didn’t). Legal niceties will likely never come to closure, but the coming years’ disclosures will confirm the Iraq War was purely ideological (& fore-ordained) – welcome to Empire! Kinda like the Sp-Am War, except for the greater death, cost & lessened US world power.

    This is what happens when sociopaths co-dependent with idealists take over a great nation.

  119. inawe says:

    You neo-con (Bush/Cheney n Co.) aficionados/defenders would be willing to do anything in your power to bring Clinton (I’m no Clinton fan) down because of oral sex in the White House, but quite willing to let these treasonous war criminals walk away unscathed. You’re the epitome hypocrisy.

  120. Tom says:


    “When sociopaths co-dependent with idealists take over a great nation”.

    This thread is about Plamegate, not the nutroots movement that helped elect Obama.


    I see you (and many others here) dodged the facts again. In the Bizarro World you live in, perhaps Cheney did order Libby to leak Plame’s identity. In the real world though, you just make yourself look the fool for continuing to ignore that it was actually Armitage, with the help of Wilson’s good friend Goodman, who was responsible for it.

    Sucks being proven wrong by a conservative doesn’t it?

  121. munchauesen1 says:


    Cheney’s Testimony in Valerie Plame Leak Case Classified, DOJ Says

    The Department of Justice, in refusing to release Vice President Dick Cheney’s interview transcript with the special prosecutor who investigated the leak of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson said for the first time last week that contents of Cheney’s interview have been classified.
    In a letter sent Thursday to Citizens of Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), the government watchdog group that filed a Freedom of Information Act request last month seeking access to the transcript, the DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) said the documents have been withheld, in due part, because it contains information “protected from disclosure by the National Security Act.”

    “We are withholding the records…because they are protected by the deliberative process, presidential communications, and law enforcement investigative privileges,” states the Sept. 18 letter sent by OLC attorney Paul Coborn to CREW chief counsel Anne Weissman. “We are also withholding them…because the records were compiled for law enforcement purposes and their production “could reasonably be expected to interfere with enforcement proceedings.” “The Department is concerned that releasing the records could interfere with future Department investigations by discouraging voluntary cooperation.

    “Finally, we are withholding portions of the records…because they are classified and contain information protected from disclosure by the National Security Act of 1947.”

  122. Warren says:

    First,thank you for the investigative reporting I had come to believe that it had become extinct. Secondly, Why will Cheney and Bush be allowed to go free and not charged with treasonous acts? That of course is a rhetorical question since we have long ago lost control of our country.

  123. Dan says:

    Kind of entertaining to see you people still stewing in your own juices over this Plame thing.

    The only harm that came to Val & Joey in this entire mess is that they are paying much more income tax these days due to their new-found fame… and I bet Joey is more than happy he doesn’t have to take those awful assignemnts to visit Nigeria from his wife any more.

    Anyway, carry on.

  124. John says:

    I simply don’t think I can drink enough beer to piss on Cheney and Bush’s graves to the quantity they deserve. I really hope I have the opportunity soon, though.

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  125. waiteman says:

    It is not so much what has happened to the Wilson’s but what damage this information caused to the people who were her contacts. Any people who were in contact with her are now exposed as potential informants to the CIA. You seem to think it is ok to have two sets of laws – one for the people and one for the administration. I do not think the constitution specifically defines the position of “king and his court jesters.”

  126. Rich says:

    Dan, It was Niger, not Nigeria. Different countries. Your stupidity is showing.

  127. Rich says:

    The Right wingnuts posting here claiming to klnow all the “facts” about this case cannot even get straight the country Wilson was sent to. How pathetic! How totally predicitable! The Right worships incompetence and stupidty!

  128. par4 says:

    Dan; It’s TREASON and we’ll never know what damage he caused the covert networks she worked with. Great job Murray and Dave.

  129. robin says:

    He admitted it according to ‘a highly confidential report’ that no one of us has seen.

    According to another highly confidential report that no one has seen, you are all drinking the Kool-Aid in an echo chamber.

  130. Rich says:

    The JURY thought that Libby was taking the fall for Cheney. The JURY thought this. The jury wanted to know why Cheney wasn’t on trial! Yet, all you Right Wingnuts know better than the people who actually saw and heard the evidence in a court of law and convicted Libby. Truly, truly pathetic…

  131. robin says:

    Hey Rich, how do you know all these things about the jury? Were you on the jury? Did you read the transcripts? Do you know that the jury would only hear information relavent to the charges and the defendant on the trial.

    The court was not talking about Cheney for the length of the trial, they were talking about Libby.

    It does your cause no good to make stuff up as you go along.

  132. Rich says:

    The jury fioreman has been quoted IN PRINT saying this. This is a matter of public record. So Robin, please return your head to the sand.

  133. Rich says:

    And Robin, do you think Wilson was sent to Nigeria too?

  134. robin says:

    “The jury fioreman has been quoted.” That still does not address the fact that the trial was not about Cheney. The prosecuter did not present evidence about Cheney, Cheney did not defend himself. Have you ever been to a trial?

    Wilson may have gone to Niger at some point, obviously the country relevant to the yellowcake issue is Niger. Just because the guy up above said Niger doesnt neccessarily mean his arguments are wrong, just like because you spelled foreman with an I doen’t neccessarily mean your arguments are wrong, but they are for other reasons.

    Thanks for the sand comment, that is helpful.

  135. robin says:

    before you jump all over me, I should have said the country as issue is Nigeria. Beat you…

  136. Rich says:

    “Wrong” according to you means nothing. I am a poor typist. The guy Dan above doesn’t know the difference between Niger and Nigeria. Yet he represents that he knows something about this case when in fact he doesn’t know much. Sounds like a Right Wing Nut to me.

  137. Rich says:

    But, I have to say, you eighteen percenters are a source of amusement.

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  140. WalKnDude says:

    arrest these traitors.

    we are NOT asking.

  141. Rich says:

    Murray Christmas to all and to all a Presidential pardon!

  142. Rich says:

    And Robin , plenty of evidence about Cheney was presented at trial. In fact, the defense had originally planned to call Cheney as a witness (you may recall), but in the end, thought better of it. I wonder why?

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  144. Tom says:

    Here is a logic test for all you lefties who refuse to acknowledge that Armitage was the leaker and still cling to delusions it was Cheney.

    It is a federal crime to reveal the identity of a covert agent. Within a few days of the start of Fitzgerald’s investigation (and long before Fitzgerald interviewed Libby) Armitage freely confessed under oath to Fitzgerald that he leaked Plame’s identity to Woodward and Novak. His defense was that he did not know she was a covert agent. An underdstandable assumption on his part considering she had a desk job as an analyst at Langley for over the past 5 years.

    Fitzgerald had all he needed at that point to get an indictment against Armitage. Here is the logic test. Why did Fitzgerald not indict Armitage for outing a covert agent?

  145. drauz says:

    Cheney did not leak, he ordered underlings to do it. “understandable assumption”? No such thing when you are a high political appointee holding a TS clearance & are discussing ANY employee of a US Federal Intel agency with anybody. Plenty of officers who operate out of Langley Hdqrtrs maintain covert status (subtlety seems lost on you, Tom – what grade are you in?).

    Plame’s covert status is a real & serious matter, though somewhat of a sideshow to the core issue of Cheney’s madness. Civil Servants are accustomed to getting manipulated for partisan, political, ideological reasons. As spineless as they typically appear (usually just doing their jobs as non-partisan as possible), they eventually draw the line when a clear breach of the Federal Code takes place. Especially if it threatens their brethren. People like to focus on it in much the same way they got Capone on tax evasion.

    On Armitage & Fitzgerald, it doesn’t take much subtlety. My guess is that Armitage was “just following orders” when he leaked, told Fitz that truth, & Fitz believed him (while holding corroborating evidence in his pocket). That’s why he went after Scooter (closer to the master criminal) instead of a self-important stooge at State.

  146. Tom says:


    Safe for me to assume you are ignorant of the fact Armitage and Cheney dislike each other, Armitage opposed the war in Iraq, and that if Cheney ordered Armitage to leak Plame’s identity, Armitage would have told him to go screw himself?

    Consider this tidbit of knowledge I just imparted to you a Christmas present.

  147. Steve says:

    Here ya go Tom (144). Here is your logic test. The premise for war in Iraq was sold with deception and lies. The result is $1 Trillion dollars of your tax money down the drain, 4,000 U.S. soldiers dead, over one million Iraqis dead, 4 million Iraqi refugees. What did we accomplish? That is your logic test for today. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  148. AvangionQ says:

    “There is talk about a cloud over the Vice President. There is a cloud over the White House as to what happened. Do you think the FBI, the Grand Jury, the American people are entitled to a straight answer?” – Patrick Fitzgerald … it seems that come February, their duty is clear — to upwardly investigate the executive chain of command and prosecute Dick Cheney for multiple felonies and high crimes, including but not limited to, outing an active CIA agent, violating the anti-propaganda laws, conspiracy to cover up a crime, and lying to Congress and to the American people about the reasons for the invasion of Iraq … I would have thought that come February, the next batch of U.S. Attorneys in the Department of Justice would have been the ones to take up the investigation and prosecution of these charges, but I would be happy to see the FBI also getting involved …

  149. tryggth says:


    Pretty ironic, eh? Armitage did Cheney’s work for him. If Cheney/Libby had only known that wheel was already in motion they could have saved themselves all that trouble they went though.


  150. Antimedia says:

    Apparently my response to the bozos was rejected for being too large, so I will break it into pieces.

    Miatch Says:

    Antimedia, what crime was Nixon convicted of?

    None. Nor was Ford’s “pardon” of Nixon a real pardon. The only power of pardon granted to the President is to pardon persons convicted of federal criminal offenses, convictions obtained in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia and military court-martial proceedings.

    Ford’s “pardon” of Nixon was merely ceremonial. If challenged in court it would have failed.

  151. Antimedia says:

    MarcoZandrini Says:

    Antimedia writes, “There is not a single shred of evidence that Valerie Plame was a covert officer at the time of the incident.” Read the law. The law clearly states that when an agent’s status is changed to “covert,” the agent’s status remains “covert” for a period of six (6) years AFTER the circumstances requiring covert status have ended. Hence Plame’s status was covert.

    Perhaps it is you that should read the law.

    (4) The term “covert agent” means—
    (A) a present or retired officer or employee of an intelligence agency or a present or retired member of the Armed Forces assigned to duty with an intelligence agency—
    (i) whose identity as such an officer, employee, or member is classified information, and
    (ii) who is serving outside the United States or has within the last five years served outside the United States;

    Plame married Wilson on April 3, 1998. She had been dating Wilson for about a year, having been transfered to Langley in 1997. At the time of the Novak article she had not been working in a covert capacity for more than six years.

    Neil Says:

    “There is not a single shred of evidence that Valerie Plame was a covert officer at the time of the incident.”

    The head of the CIA, Gen Michael V. Hayden, wrote and signed a letter to the Government Oversight Committee attesting to the fact that Valarie Plame was a covert CIA agent at the time Cheney told Libby to leak it to Judy Miller, and Rove to Cooper, “Plame is fair game”.

    Nice try. Hayden has publicly stated that he never told Waxman that Plame was covert, only that she was undercover. His exact words were “her employment status with the CIA was classified information prohibited from disclosure under Executive Order 12958.”

  152. Antimedia says:

    Finally, MarcoZandrini asserts

    Yellow cake isn’t a WMD, just as aluminum oxide ore isn’t considered an airplane.

    Yellowcake has two purposes; fuel for reactors and nuclear weapons. I’m pretty sure no one has found a nuclear reactor in Iraq yet.

  153. Antimedia says:

    # Steve Says:

    Here ya go Tom (144). Here is your logic test. The premise for war in Iraq was sold with deception and lies. The result is $1 Trillion dollars of your tax money down the drain, 4,000 U.S. soldiers dead, over one million Iraqis dead, 4 million Iraqi refugees. What did we accomplish? That is your logic test for today. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

    Before Tom takes your “logic” test, perhaps you should take a fact test.

    The premise for the war was sold on the best intelligence available at the time – intelligence that every major intelligence service agreed upon, including France, Britain, Italy, Egypt and Israel as well as the US.

    You might want to familiarize yourself with dissenting opinions WRT intelligence findings.

    According to this lefty site the cost of the war is $582 billion right now, just slightly more than half your claim.

    According to Iraq Body Count the confirmed civilian death count is less than 100,000. Even if we’re generous and triple the number, it’s still less than 1/3rd your claim.

    Given your “fluid” use of numbers, pinpointing the number of Iraqi refugees probably isn’t worth spending time on.

    As for what we’ve accomplished, that won’t be known for years. If Iraq remains a stable democracy (as it now is), the outcome for the region could be dramatic. Only time will tell.

  154. Steve says:

    Antimedia: Your “conventional knowledge” that the premise for the war was based on the best “intelligence available” is either (1) pandering to bush neocons in blatant coverup of established fact or (2) ignorance. Probably the latter. Let me instruct you. There were dissenting viewpoints that in retrospect had reason and logic on their side. The Bush administration fixed the facts to match the policy. What do you think of “Curveball”? What do you think of the aluminum tubes that experts said were not possible to be used for nuclear bombs? What do you think of the high-ranking defector who said Sadaam was not persuing nuclear weaponry whose testimony was ignored? The administration selectively chose the intelligence that matched the policy which was to attack Iraq. A goal Bush had in mind long before 9/11 we know from Richard Clarke and Paul O’Neill. Educate yourself. Read some books. Start with “The Dark Side” by Jane Mayer. “Angler” by Barton Gellman. There are many many more. The record is clear. If you don’t avail yourself of it your only plea is ignorance.

    As to the body count, Iraq Body Count counts only those reported in the news. Better to look at empirical studies such as by the Lancer study.

    As to the cost of the war? Try $3 trillion. I underestimated. Probably higher when you consider interest on the money we borrowed to finance the war and the cost of war injuries and the societal cost of PTSD nightmare zombies returning to wreak havoc on our society.

  155. Roberto Sumatra-Bosch says:

    Incredible, true and the MSM will ignore the story. Reading Murray’s stuff is like going to a museum of journalism, like it was practiced before the chains bought out the family publications and hired journalism school twits to run them.

  156. Antimedia says:

    Steve, I worked in intelligence in the Navy. I still have a current secret clearance. There are always dissenting views in intelligence. The reason they are called dissenting views is because they disagree with the consensus view of the intelligence.

    Hindsight being what it is, it’s always easy to point to dissenting views and say, “Gee, they were right after all”, but the people who make decisions about what the intelligence means don’t have the luxury of hindsight to inform their views. The critics, of course, can always point to the dissenting views after the fact and say, “Ah hah! They ignored that! Clearly they had ulterior motives.”

    The fact is intelligence experts seldom agree about the meaning of any given set of known and/or suspected information. The intelligence directors have to decide what to report, and the leaders of the country have to act on that intelligence. In 2002, every major intelligence agency agreed that Iraq was continuing to seek to reconstitute its WMD programs.

    Of course there were dissenting views within the agencies. There always are. But to contend that the administration “selected” the intelligence they wanted flies in the face of the facts and even the investigations of Congress.

    As to the Lancet study, feel free to use that, if you like. You will still only get to two thirds of the number of dead you claimed previously. I’m sure you’re aware the study is quite controversial and represents an outlier to a more reasoned view of the total civilian dead in Iraq.

    I’m equally certain you will ignore all those facts and continue to make your wild and inaccurate claims about what really happened.

  157. cinnamonape says:

    The declassified summary of CIA officer Valerie Plame’s employment history at the spy agency, PROVIDED BY THE CIA, and presented in a court filing by Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald, shows clearly that Plame was “covert” when her name became public in July 2003. . . .
    The employment history indicates that a) she was assigned to [Directorate of Operations - Counterproliferation Division],

    b) while assigned to the DOCD, Plame “engaged in temporary duty travel overseas on official business.” That is she SERVED ABROAD.

    The report says, “she traveled at least seven times to more than ten times…to more than ten nations.”

    c) When overseas Plame traveled undercover, “sometimes in true name and sometimes in alias — but always using cover — whether official or non-official (NOC) — with no ostensible relationship to the CIA” . . . .

    The unclassified summary states that at the time that syndicated columnist Robert Novak published her name on July 14, 2003 says, “Ms. Wilson was a COVERT CIA employee for who the CIA was taking affirmative measures to conceal her intelligence relationship to the United States.”

    The reason Fitz was incapable of prosecuting Libby or others under the terms of the Intelligence Agents Identity Protection Act was not because she was NOT covert…it was because he could not ESTABLISH that those who leaked KNEW she was covert. The act requires that the prosecutor establish awareness.

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  158. cinnamonape says:

    Tom asserts that Armitage did not learn about Valerie Wilson from the memorandum, but from some guy named Goodman. Here’s what Armitage himself says in response to Armitages statement that what he did with Novak was, if it was accidental, was utterly negligent…

    “The only reason I knew a “Mrs. Wilson,” not “Mrs. Plame,” worked at the agency was because I saw it in a memo. But I don’t disagree with her words to a large measure.”

    A MEMO! Not Goodman.

    Furthermore, as to the negligence issue, I’d point out that Armitage not only spoke with Novak…but also PUSHED it to Bob Woodward. It was hardly something passed across casually to Woodward.

    And unless Cheney had spoken about these things to either Woodward or Novak then his advancement of the “talking points” intended for Judy Miller would indicate that he was just as intent at leaking Plames identity as in the incidents that occurred with Armitage. It doesn’t matter who was “first” any more than it would if two spies, working independently, passed on the same secrets to the Soviet Union. The fact that someone else did so isn’t exoneration.

    Finally, I think that precisely what Cheney wrote as additions to the “Libby-Miller” talking points now becomes of much greater interest. It seems those additions were not Libby’s marginalia, but Cheney just confessed to making them himself.

  159. Antimedia says:

    cinnamonape, I’ve seen the document that you cite. It is an unsigned document on plain non-official paper that could have been provided by anyone, including friends of Plame within the CIA who wanted to support her contentions regarding the administration.

    Considering that MSNBC “broke” this story, I wouldn’t believe a word of it without corroboration from a much less impeachable source than MSNBC. It ranks in the same category as the fraudulent documents Dan Rather presented as “proof” of Bush’s TANG record.

    Sorry, I don’t buy it. Let’s see the actual court documents.

  160. rjrnab says:

    Spin doctor politics at its best! Another reason to never let commanders of fear and thieves in office. I can draw a line from this to dick nixon in 1946 starting up the Republican lie machine, its really not that hard. FDR put a hurt on those no good Bush’s, when can the people stop re-enforcing a reality spun to them by these greedy sociopath facists in touch with us with their revisionist historians, media, and federal reserve?

  161. cinnamonape says:

    “In 2002, every major intelligence agency agreed that Iraq was continuing to seek to reconstitute its WMD programs.”

    The three reports that actually came out of Niger regarding the plausibility that it was a source for any yellowcake demonstrated that there was no evidence to support the claims. The INR report undertaken by the current Ambassador to Niger showed that there was no evidence of any smuggling, much less that it would be possible. The DIA sent former European Deputy Commander Carlton Fulford to Niger. His report also contended that there was no evidence. And a former Ambassador to another African Uranium producer and who had served in Iraq, AND had been involved in a previous CIA mission in 1999 that showed that IRAN was interested in acquiring yellowcake..contacted the former officials who sourced that IRANIAN approach. He reported that there was no evidence of any contracts or offers to purchase Uranium either.

    That former Ambassador, who had served in Niger when an original Uranium smuggling ring was discovered, was Joe Wilson.

    So lemme ask…why would the CIA go to a former diplomat who served in the country, who had previously successfully discovered IRANIAN approaches to the Nigeriens, who knew possible Iraqi interlocuters, go back to that guy? Who wanted THREE reports? Cheney! Joe Wilson was told this at the briefing in February 2002.

    Oh…and that “report” about the Nigerien contracts? The Rome CIA and State Department INR guys found that nearly identical claims (down to the quantities supposedly being contracted) were fakes…in October 2002. And they sent that information back to the WH Briefing Room. So lets talk about the “concensus”, shall we? In fact, the WH (both Rice and her Deputy) was told by Tenet, the DD of Operations and others that the Niger claims were not supported, and the British claims were unverified and likely implausible.

  162. Antimedia says:

    cinnamonape, I see you’ve chosen to ignore my point, that all major agencies agreed that Iraq was working to reconstitute its WMD program, and instead cite dissenting sources for the opposite view on the specific case of Niger. Sorry, that won’t work with me.

    Wilson’s argument, in 2002, that Niger could not be a source was that the French wouldn’t allow it. Strange argument for someone who supposedly uncovered the previous case of smuggling under the same supposedly diligent French noses. Yet Wilson had no explanation for what an Iraqi “trade” delegation would be looking for in Niger.

    Both State and the CIA have been politicized to the point that any intelligence coming from them is suspect from the beginning. Yet the same lefties who gleefully proclaim that the intelligence about Iraqi WMD programs was wrong want to cite the dissenting reports as “proof” that nothing was going on. IOW, intelligence is good except when it’s not.

    It’s all rather silly.

    The fact is that in 2002 the world thought Sadaam was a threat because of his WMD programs. Republicans thought that. Democrats thought that. The British, the French, the Germans, Egyptians and Israelis all thought that.

    Now, with the benefit of hindsight, the left wants to claim that the Democrats were hoodwinked by a cunning and deceitful White House into entering a war they never would have agreed to had they known the truth.

    The amazing thing is that people like you actually buy that argument.

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  164. Zbig says:

    This is totally idiotic. You really believe this drivel? If I were Cheney and wanted to punish her, I would change her mission to cleaning all the toilets in Langley for a year. Do you Bush/Cheney haters expect Obama to get the same support, from those that voted for McCain, that you have been giving Bush?

  165. Phonk says:

    The disclosure of CIA operatives carry a death penalties according to US law.
    Both cheney and Bush will forgive themselves before the end of their term. it will be a presidential decree.
    Bush and Cheney are responsible for the crimes committed in Iraq even when a bomb explode tomorrow in a restaurant or a market under Saddam these future crimes would not occur.
    No matter what Saddam did under his dictatorial rule Bush had dwarfed Saddam’s alleged crimes.
    Saddam executed 148 traitors who tried to overthrow the government in 1982 when a ravaging war was on with Iran…..What Saddam did was legitimate under the condition. Yet thats the only so called crimes he was charged and hanged for.
    Bush Cheney will never stand trial in the hypocrite state of USA.

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  168. mark from manhatan says:

    This scandal has always been a twofer.
    This one had the added value of keeping anyone in the CIA from speaking up about what they knew was going on in the run up to the war.
    Cheney and Rumsfeld did not trust the CIA to play ball and set up their own intel shop so they could bypass the analyst they could no co-opt.
    Cheney wanted the measage sent that they would be ruthless with any one who crossed them… Mafia style in pushing back even the Agency.
    Get in line or we will destroy you.
    And for Judy Miller she ends up with job on FOX News the mouth piece for Bush/Cheney and their endless deceptions.
    Scooter gets pardoned.
    Bob Novak gets brain cancer.
    The curtains comes down.

  169. Carol Davidek-Waller says:

    The Republican’s favority whipping boy, Joe Wilson worked under many administrations, not just Clinton. Bush Sr. gave him a medal for his actions while Ambassador to Iraq.
    Wilson has repeatedly stated and documents verify that the request to investigate came from the Office of Veep and that CIA were to reported back to them.
    Valerie Plame did suggest her husband because of experience in both regions.
    She had no authority to send him. That decision was made by others. Even if she did, so what? He was qualified and he was right. The documents alleging the trade were forgeries.
    It not just Plame who was damaged by Cheney’s talking points, her whole network had to be rolled up and a front company closed down after Cheney’s mischief.
    What isn’t right is for our government to fabricate reasons to launch and aggressive war and for the Vice President to endanger our National Security by putting an entire WMD network our of business in order to perpetuate his lies.
    If that isn’t treason, then nothing is.
    The vindictiveness of the Cheney and other Republicans is shocking. The fact that their atrocities go unpunished has changed the way everything works. There is a palpable atmosphere of fear that has crippled us.
    The fact that justice has not been served not only hurts the Wilsons, it hurts us all.

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  173. Dan says:


    Thanks for your correction re Niger vs Nigeria. One question… are you trying to say Vicky never sent her Joey to Nigeria?

    And thanks for playing btw.

  174. Tom says:


    ref #158

    Your knowledge of the minute details of Plamegate is lacking.

    Goodman, a Deputy Sec of State, wrote the INR memo that was concerned with Wilson’s trip to Niger. Goodman was a close friend of Joe Wilson going back 30 years to their days as classmates at UC Santa Barbera as well as all the years they spent together in the State Department. Goodman is the person who (probably inadvertently) let the cat of the bag that Plame worked at the CIA. BTW this INR memo was not classified Top Secret IAW the policy required when NOC agents are involved.

    Hope this helps fill the gap in your Plamegate knowledge. Your welcome.

  175. Tom says:


    ref #169

    The CIA front company, Brewster Jennings, was closed down several years earlier when Plame’s cover was blown by the Russians and Cubans. Trying to blame that on Cheney when it happened years before Wilson was sent to Niger doesn’t make you look too informed on the topic.

  176. Pingback: Cheney May Yet Pay « The Czech

  177. Old Dem says:

    Mr. Waas is more eager than diligent and more selective than complete. When Wilson “retired” early from the State Dept., he formed a business and management company (clients in Africa, western Europe and Turkey). He promoted African investment interests – gold, oil and mining. The Senate Com. on Intelligence later reported that the Feb 2002 trip to Niger was not the first one paid for by the CIA. What has not been told is where Wilson went *before* he arrived in Niger on 26 Feb, having been sent from D.C. on 21 Feb 2002. His first visit in Niger was with the U.S. ambassador to coordinate his visit with the Feb.report of the ambassador and Gen.Fulford which had covered the same topic. The general’s questions, according to the Senate report, had been written *for* him and the CIA coordinated on the talking points. (p.43) Wilson already knew he would find “no evidence” of yellowcake sales to Iraq since the ambassador’s report didn’t either. He was also directed not to question anyone presently in the government. You don’t find what you don’t really look for. On two of his days he drove out to an open mining area located 1200 kilometers from Niamey. Whose business was that?

    Wilson had been on Gore’s advisory team in 2000. He represented the Democrats on French TV interviews. His NYT op-ed piece was published without mentioning that he was on Kerry’s team. His college friend and fellow ambassador, Marc Grossman, worked in Powell’s State Dept. office with Armitage.

    See Susan Schmidt’s WaPo article (July 2004) about Wilson’s testimony for the Senate and Christopher Hitchen’s appraisal of Wilson’s yellowcake story (July 2004).

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