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The View from VFW Post 529

Somerville, Ma.– I had the great privilege of watching the Red Sox-Tampa Bay Rays game tonight at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 529 here. Best place on the face of the earth for instant analysis of a Red Sox … Continue reading

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Man Auctions Off Entire Life on eBay– I’d do the same thing but probably only net $243.56

Ian Usher sold off his entire life on EBay. No joking. His Jet Ski, his home, his Mazda, his parachuting gear… and even all of his friends.   The guy split with his wife, and claimed everything in his life reminded … Continue reading

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McClatchy asks, “Where is the Republican Attack Machine this campaign?”

Of course, there is this sentence buried in this really exceptional story (the best that has appeared on this subject anywhere): Of course, they still could jump in at any time, thanks to their ability to raise cash fast with … Continue reading

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New Seymour Hersh article on covert operations against Iran

A new Seymour Hersh article in the New Yorker on an escalation of covert Bush administration’s covert operations in Iran. Some excerpts: Late last year, Congress agreed to a request from President Bush to fund a major escalation of covert … Continue reading

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Meet Robert Watson, chair of the McCain campaign in Rhode Island

Robert Watson is both the minority leader of the Rhode Island House, and the chief chair of John McCain’s presidential campaign in Rhode Island. He is also, according to this week’s Boston Phoenix (see post below), one of those deserving … Continue reading

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Free Speech at risk in lefty, McGovernite Mass.?

While many alt weeklies around the country have cutting back staff and sliding towards irrelevance even before, the Boston Phoenix, bucks the trend.  Their cover this week is their 11th annual “Muzzle awards”, exposing New England’s worst offenders when it comes to attacking the First Amendment.  … Continue reading

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LAT on White House’s faith based initiative and alleged abuses to implement it

 Johanna Newman at her Los Angeles Times White House blog, “Faith or Cronyism in the White House Faith-Based Initiative?” : The White House faith-based initiative is in the news again. The program has been controversial from the start — derided … Continue reading

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David Addington’s testimony on the Unitary Theory of the Presidency: It’s good to clear all of this up!

From a Washington Post account of Addington’s testimony: When John Conyers (D-Mich.) inquired about Addington’s pet legal concept, a “unitary executive theory” that confers extreme powers on the president, Addington dished out disdain. “I frankly don’t know what you mean … Continue reading

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DOJ Official Who Took the Fifth Fired

Last week, when the House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform held a hearing into the politicization of the Department of Justice’s quarter of a billion dollar grant program, one DOJ official, Michelle DeKonty, refused to testify, citing her Fifth … Continue reading

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Former White House faith-base official received grant with help from former colleagues

A new story posted today on– that I wrote and reported with Anna Schecter– about a grant awarded to a former White House official in part thanks to the role some of her former colleagues in the Bush administration … Continue reading

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