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“We were there on behalf of the President of the United States”

It’s good to finally shed some light on the issue.  Thanks to Zachary Roth of TPM and Johanna Neumann of the LAT for the video. 

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DOJ investigating Gonzales for allegedly creating fictitious notes

New story out today at the Atlantic: The Justice Department is investigating whether former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales created a set of fictitious notes so that President Bush would have a rationale for reauthorizing his warrantless eavesdropping program, according to … Continue reading

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Random Media Notes

Newspaper reporters sue their readers. Alternative newspaper to become blog. It apparently has already long been a blog– or rather a chat room anyway. And on top of everything else, just what we need: even less oversight. National Review Online: … Continue reading

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Prosecutor at Stevens Trial: “We reach for the Yellow Pages. He reached for VECO.”

Opening statements from the Ted Stevens bribery trial: WASHINGTON — The corruption trial of Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens began Thursday with sharply divergent portraits of the long-serving Republican. In opening statements in the highly anticipated case, prosecutors accused Stevens of … Continue reading

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