Vice Presidential thoughts

Hillary Rodham Clinton is not going to be the vice presidential nominee. (The only glimmer of possibility that that could ever be the case is because this blog just said it wasn’t.) So why is the NYT devoting so many column inches– or pixels– to that possibility?

It’s not going to be Hagel or Lieberman, either, so at first glance it was difficult to understand the point of this story as well.  Still,  an interesting read for the history lesson.

Politico reports that McCain will announce his running mate on Aug. 29, the day after Obama accepts the nomination of his party.

Josh Marshall on Biden Buzz.

At the end of the day, my analysis needs to be no longer than a few sentences: If Obama selects Biden, he is thinking about governing. If he selects Bayh, he is acting politically. And if it Kaine, he is thinking politics, acting from his heart, or both.

He placed a late night call to Sideny Blumenthal, but alas, in the end, no one could save him.

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