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Republican National Convention Platform fight?

This could be much ado about nothing or it could be devastating for McCain’s candidacy. It’s hard to know whether this is journalistic hype or reality, but here is a link to the story: Conservative activists are preparing to do … Continue reading

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Sunday night reads

Ruth Marcus makes some good points here: Flip-flops certainly can be relevant. Continually shifting positions can indicate a willingness to elevate political expediency over principle. Mitt Romney’s extreme makeover raised legitimate questions about what he truly believed, other than that … Continue reading

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In Memory of Spc. Nicholas Peters and the other Kelly Park boys

Somerville, Mass, June 28, 2008– The rules are simple enough for the kids playing in the stickball tournament this morning in Kelly Park: There are to be three people to a team. There are four innings per game. Two outs … Continue reading

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Brian Beutler… “The Victims of the Violence are Black and White, Rich and Poor, Young and Old…”

Today, we learned that our friend and colleague Brian Beutler was shot three times on a Washington D.C. street for no good reason at all. He is in stable condition, and over time he will be just fine– albeit, missing … Continue reading

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Obama’s faith-based plan, different than the Bush administration’s?

People for the American Way has this to say about Obama’s faith-based speech: Senator Obama‚Äôs speech on government partnerships with faith-based and grassroots social service groups included a clear commitment to constitutional principles, something that has been sorely lacking during … Continue reading

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A different view on what’s going on in Iraq….

Spencer Ackerman:  Whenever Bush administration or Sen. John McCain campaign officials open their mouths about Iraq, they portray the country as on a continuous path of Surge-based stabilization. “As security has improved, the environment has changed for the better,” Amb. … Continue reading

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