Our Democracy in Action… (or perhaps better alternatively entitled) Memories of Miami-Dade

This is obviously worth watching for its entertainment value alone. I was trying to figure out who was who and follow the arguments. What I would like to know is whether the Franken and Coleman camps ever argued (even a single time) against the interest of their own camp. If anyone knows, or has any other feedback, leave a comment either here below or on my Facebook page. (I’ve just figured out that people like to leave comments on Facebook because they want a face and name attached to their comment and because it is easier for people to get in a discussion there than in the comments section of a blog.)

I will probably update this post later. But until then, I think the video clip above should probably include this warning: If you were personally involved in the 2000 recount in Florida– as a participant or journalist or in any other manner– watching this video might cause a post-traumatic episode for you. For everyone else, please enjoy.

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