Playing out the first evening of the New Year: Francine Reed, Lyle Lovett, his big band, and his big hair

It’s a little too mellow tonight it seems for politics. But for the die hards, this is interesting: “Barack Obama believed that seven candidates were “highly qualified” to succeed him in the Senate, but the two people Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D) has asked to fill the vacant seat weren’t on the president-elect’s list.” Also my friend Charlie Savage’s story in the NYT about special access to get a pardon from the Bush White House. Will there still be a pardon for Libby? I don’t have sources that good, or at least in the know about that, and thus don’t know any more right now on that subject than anybody else. My buddy Jason Linkins on a possible Gonzales book. I know it seems like I am pimpin’ for friends tonight, but everything that I have linked to is meritorious on its own…. the only thing perhaps lacking merit is this post, which might resemble a Larry King column.

On a personal note, my favorite column/post that I wrote last year.

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