The Red Sox are the Yankees 2.0; and moreover, there was more than just David Ortiz’ jersey buried somewhere in the new stadium…

The Red Sox are what the Yankees used to be. Damn: their box score tonight. The depth of the team compared to past seasons is amazing, too.

Of course, they were sweept by the low-budget, low-brow, wrong coast Oakland Athletics. A harbinger of the post-season?

One last comment: the depth of the team is just extraordinary. Somehow they got Colon and he is pitching like the Cy Young version of himself rather than the injured, his best days are over himself.  He gave up one run in seven innings, his second exceptional start in a row.

I know my friends who are Yankees fans are in a state of denial about all of this.  So for them, they can take solace in A-Rod, Jeter, Abreu, and Wang.  And the bullpen combination of Jova (Chamberlin) and Rivera is perhaps the best in baseball… only second to perhaps Papplebom and Okajima (Boston’s two).  Oops.  

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