Just How Good is Ben Revere?

Just how good is Ben Revere?  If you don’t already know, watch this:


The Phillies have had a tradition of strong defense up the middle and especially in center field that has been the core of their success.  They have had two of the best defensive center fielders in modern baseball history: Former Secretary of Defense Gary Maddux and the recently departed Shane Victorino.  While watching Rever’s highlight reel, he reminds one of watching Mike Trout, Victorino– and when he goes back on the ball– does one dear say?– Willy Mays.  He even engages in some Ozzie Smith type acrobatics from time to time which one does not see in outfielders.

That all being said, the Phillies gave up a king’s ransom to get Revere– something not addressed at all by any sportswriter or Phillies blogger that I read.  More soon.

– Murray Waas

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