Sunday night/Monday morning reads

Jack Reed as Veep? Jonathan Cohn has reservations because Reed didn’t do well on one of the Sunday Morning talk shows. Jonathan, who is a nice guy and good writer, should not turn into a Washington insider type so young. Reed would be an impressive choice, especially because of his military background and foreign policy expertise. But the real reason he is unlikely to be Obama’s Veep is that Reed is from Rhode Island, which is like right next to, or at least near to Mass., or just too much like Mass., and on some days even mistaken for Massachusetts!

Meanwhile, Reed and Hagel going to Iraq with Obama

If you can move beyond the controversy about this week’s cover art, the article about Obama’s days in Chicago… is very long, so we help you skip to the very good close of the piece:

Obama has always had a healthy understanding of the reaction he elicits in others, and he learned to use it to his advantage a very long time ago. Marty Nesbitt remembers Obama’s utter calm the day he gave his celebrated speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, in Boston, which made him an international celebrity and a potential 2008 Presidential candidate. “We were walking down the street late in the afternoon,” Nesbitt told me. “And this crowd was building behind us, like it was Tiger Woods at the Masters.”

“Barack, man, you’re like a rock star,” Nesbitt said.

“Yeah, if you think it’s bad today, wait until tomorrow,” Obama replied.

“What do you mean?”

“My speech,” Obama said, “is pretty good.”

Howard Kurtz on the late Tony Snow:

From the moment he took the White House podium, Tony Snow was a pugilist and performance artist, relishing the daily combat with White House correspondents.

When Martha Raddatz‘s cellphone went off during a briefing — her son had programmed the ring with a rap song — Snow made the ABC reporter blush by proclaiming, “Play that funky music, white girl.”

“You could get into some pretty serious back and forth with Tony,” Raddatz says. “You could make each other angry. But when you walked out of there it was over. He was a really genuine guy.”

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