Sunday Nite reads

Will our acting president (Frank Rich calls him that) become our permanent one (Tom Edsall wonders)?

Read this NYT article on dermatologists. Not because it is all that interesting, but what is going on with dermatologists may unfortunately be a preview of the way medicine is going in general.

Via Laura Rozen, Jersulamem Post interview with Obama.

Will Uganda know peace anytime soon?

At least 20,000 children, women and men were abducted into Kony’s army over the years and forced to take part in horrific killings as a way of brainwashing them into a culture of violence. What began as a vaguely ideological war against perceived ethnic discrimination by the government degenerated into something close to madness under Kony, a former Catholic catechist who allegedly keeps 30 wives and claims to be God’s spokesman.

Kony turned the rebels on the people he was supposedly trying to liberate, accusing them of betraying his cause, raiding villages for children and killing others at will.

The majority of surviving abductees have escaped, with most heading to camps or rehabilitation centers for psychological counseling and more recently, home. Hundreds of thousands of displaced people have also been returning to villages and towns across northern Uganda, where streets are crowded with bicycles and markets are once again full of buyers and sellers. 



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